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Craft Fair Rules

Craft Fair Rules

Hi and welcome,

We do hope you will join us at the Craft Fair and to make your day easier and more enjoyable please read the following information and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

To facilitate the smooth operation of the Craft Fair,we have put together a few simple rules to be observed by all stall holders attending the craft fair. Exceptions to these rules may only be granted by the organisers.

Failure to follow these rules may result in the offending smallholder’s exclusion from subsequent fair days.


Payment in advance is required to book a stall

Please fill out a registration form with your details and send with site payment

All stall holders are required to have Public Liability Insurance.

The organiser can supply casual insurance for the day please (refer to Registration form page)


Setting-Up Stall:
Set-up from 6:00am – 8.30am

Unpack all goods and immediately remove your vehicle to the designated stallholders area before setting up the stall !!!

Stallholders are required to supply weights to hold down their market stall or umbrella’s

No staking or pinning into the ground is allowed due to underground wiring.

Parking Area:
If you are unsure of where to park your vehicle please ask the Organiser. Failure to park in the designated area by stall holders and their staff may result in prohibition from the fair.

Stallholders who are on their own please ask your neighbour or the Organiser to watch your goods while parking in the designated parking area


Packing-Up Stall:
Packing up of Stall may begin at 2:45pm (but no earlier)

All goods including your cabana / tent / cover must be packed before bringing your vehicle onto the fair ground.

Vehicles cannot be brought onto the fair ground before 3:00pm

Stall holders who wish to leave the fair early must carry their goods to their vehicle

Vehicles will not be allowed on the fair ground during operating hours except in an emergency

If you need to leave early, please contact the Organisers before the fair to make arrangements


Refund of Stall Fees:
No refunds of stall fees will be given

Stall fees may be carried over to the next fair in some circumstances

No refund of fees shall be given for the special Christmas Fair


Wet Weather Policy:
The fair may be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions

The decision to cancel will be made at 9:00 am at the fair ground

Enquiries on ground conditions please phone 0417 881 188

If the fair is cancelled site fees may be carried over to the next fair day

No site fees will be refunded or carried over for the Christmas Fair.

Non- Attendance:

Stall holders who fail to attend the fair will forfeit their site fees

Site fees may only be transferred to the next fair when notice is given to the Organisers by 12 noon the Wednesday prior to the fair day